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Living conditions on Chancellor's Way

Web posted on November 04, 2005

Our letter writer exposes the apparently unsafe conditions in the University of Guelph's Chancellor's Way apartment complex.

Dear Fountain Pen

I am currently a 3rd year student at the University of Guelph, a frequent reader of your online postings, and I happen to be in an unwanted predicament.

I am living on Chancellor's Way, the new apartment/condomium complex built beside Ultra for students by Richmond Corp. I say unwanted because for 450+ a month (depending on how badly the managers decide to charge you), you receive a quickly and poorly assembled apartment, free noise from morning to morning and a non-existent security service.

On Halloween weekend, one can find nearly two cases of 24 beer glasses smashed in the main hallway. Even better, if one is lucky to have party neighbors, one can receive holes kicked in the outside walls at 2 am. Better yet, one can receive the unfortunate opportunity of someone attempting to enter your apartment. With no security locks on any of the doors from the street to the inside, strangers are able to walk into one's apartment and indulge themselves in one's property.

Ever since the house invasion, my roommates and I continuously lock the door, no matter how many people are in the apartment. If we have 5 individuals present, we still are unable to face 5 others, two with knives, and one with a pipe. This previous night Friday November 4th at 2005 at 2:30 am, I was witness to two people attempting to open my door. "This one is locked" they said as they ran down the hall.

I am unsure, but is there a requirement to have a lock between street level and the apartment door in a complex? There are enough of our rights being taken away here, from sleep to eat. If you are lucky, you can head out for a 2am fire alarm that was cause as a drunkard broke a fire detector or pulled the alarm. If you are even luckier, you can head out for a 3 am fire alarm on that same night. There have also been ones at 4 am, that's right, three continuous on the same night. The fire department does have better things to do, therefore our alarm can ring for an excess of 30 minutes or more.

Excuse my general comment, but the word on the street is correct, this is resident without any rules. The problem is, most of these occupants have joined for that reason, to break the rules.

It has been a pleasure introducing you to the life of a University student on Chancellor's Way, I would be proud to send you future letters with regards to the progress of the living situations on Chancellors Way. Oh, I hear some dripping from my ceiling and I think the keg party on the third floor just finished.

Thank you for your time