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Discipline is required

Web posted on November 04, 2005

Our letter-writer believes that the Liberal party should take responsibility for their actions and repay all of the money that was misappropriated.

Letter to the editor:

It is time to take a clear stand on issues of integrity.

Imagine if your child who is old enough to know better, takes your car without permission and gets into an accident, damaging the property of others. What would you do? I believe most parents would discipline their child for breaking the rules, taking the car and driving it carelessly. Some form of punishment or discipline, perhaps including repayment for damages would be instituted.

I am appalled that the Liberal government feels they have no responsibility to the Canadian people for misappropriating millions of our tax dollars through a scandalous sponsorship program. It sounds like your child saying "they did it", or worse "wasn't me".

The Liberals, like your child, need to be disciplined. First they need to repay the full amount that was funneled through the sponsorship scandal. That number is approximately $250 million not the $1.14 million they say they will repay. Their $1.14 million is less than 0.5% of the total, a far cry from the true value that needs to be repaid.

Whenever an election is called the Liberal government should be removed. The Canadian people must show any government that if they misuse the public's trust, perform illegal acts or break promises they should be disciplined by being removed from governing.

We, as Canadians, need to demand this form of discipline. Anything less than full repayment and removing the current government rewards their behaviour. What do we do when we want to teach a child a lesson? We take away privileges and try to teach them the consequences of their errant behaviour. The same should be done to the Liberals.

Brent Barr
Conservative Party of Canada