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Fifth annual Clean-up Party

Web posted on April 15, 2006

Dear Editor

My name is Joshua Cameron and I am 9 years old.

I would like to invite people to come help with my 5th Annual Clean-up Party. It's on April 22, 2006. We will be cleaning up Castlebury Park on 50 Castlebury Drive (off Stephanie near Paisley). At 9:30, we will be meeting in the parking lot. People need to wear clothes that might get dirty and garden gloves. We will be cleaning along the creek so boots might be a good idea too. It would be much appreciated if a few people could bring wheelbarrows to help haul the garbage back to the pick up points.

I am excited about this year's Clean-up Party because we will be cleaning up the other side of the creek. We have never cleaned there before so we will need lots of help! Last year we picked up about 40 bags. I am sure that there will be even more trash to collect this year. It would be great if lots of kids came with their parents to help.

I am glad that Mr. Berberich from the city of Guelph will be supplying garbage bags again this year.

Could you please include my letter in your newspaper? I need your help to let everyone know about my Clean-up Party.

Joshua Cameron