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From the Z-files

Web posted on April 03, 2001

The Z-Files
Stop running me over!

I seem to hear about a new case of Road Rage every week when I look at a newspaper, turn on the radio, or watch the evening news. Crazed drivers hunt down other drivers for silly reasons. Hunt them down and sometime beat the hell out of them. But I've never heard of Pedestrian Rage, and, as a pedestrian, I am really surprised.

On our roadways there are courteous drivers who obey all the rules at an intersection where pedestrians are crossing. And, of course, I've experienced first hand those drivers who don't seem to notice anything but their radio or cell phone(s).

Just last night, while walking home, from dinner at Uncommon Ground on Quebec Street, we experienced an incident. On the corner where Quebec turns into Paisley (and meets Highway 6/Brock/Gordon/Norfolk/Woolwich/whatever it's called now) we were waiting for the light to change to the little white figure. That little white figure, last time I checked, means that pedestrians get the right of way (unless of course there's an emergency vehicle trying to turn).

When the white figure was clearly there and we are about to cross, this "idjit" in a red Chrysler decided to ignore the two of us and came tearing around the corner. It's a good thing I saw this twit and was able to grab hold of Helen's arm to stop her from proceeding. Yet, with no care (even though I gave him the evil eye, and the Trudeau solute was extended) this driver, oblivious to anyone except the person he was speaking with on his cell phone, continued down Norfolk without so much as a glance at th pedestrians he had cut off.

The bus driver, who was waiting for the light to change, seemed to be momentarily stunned by the scene. Well Mark (that's the bus driver's name), that's not the first time something like this has happened.

I've seen older women nearly hit at St. George's Square as they tried to cross on a green light while buses and cars, ignoring the "No Right" and "No Left" turns, motor on. I've experienced first hand the misfortune of having a driver carelessly back out of a driveway without looking for pedestrians (as a matter of fact, it happened last night close to Suffolk and North as I was going downtown to meet Helen at Uncommon Ground).

Then you get the unfortunate times where a pedestrian is hit full force by a car that just didn't seem to notice them as they cross the street in a marked crosswalk. My I interject here that those who jay-walk are also pedestrians, but they proceed at their own risk (although drivers should be more careful there too)). Far too often Ive heard about a child or senior citizen getting hit as they cross the street.

I mentioned Pedestrian Rage at the beginning of this article. Mark my words, at some point, we pedestrians are going to get so pissed with you drivers who ignore us when we are crossing the street in the manner prescribed by law, that we're going to hunt you down. We'll start pounding on your car, keying your car, puncturing your tires breaking your headlights kicking dents in your doors. I could go on, but I'm sure you get the message.

We might even start to charge you with attempted murder. Submitted while baring teeth, by William Zebedee - tired of almost being run over.