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Sunny day walk in the park

Web posted on May 06, 2012

Today, for the Editor's SunnyDay Walkabout, we head to Guelph's beautiful Riverside Park.

The children's memorial celebrates the rights of children and the men and women who fought to protect them. It was an idea ten-year-old Rebecca Dixon had in 2001, which was realized in 2006, when the monument was dedicated.

As you wander along the pathways in the rock garden area, you see bright-faced pansies moving gently in the breeze.

The floral clock hasn't been planted yet, but it appears that the ground is being prepared now. The clock was originally created in 1949, and rebuilt in 1955. It uses over 6000 plants to cover the face of the clock, and is the only patented floral clock in Canada.

Bleeding hearts are planted along the stone staircases, catching your eye as you pass beside them.

The entrance stones of the Guelph Enabling Garden - a fully-accessible garden area designed for, and taken care by, people of all ability levels. It is a feast for all five senses, and well worth visiting throughout the year.

The beautiful mosaic, called "A Community Coming Together" features over 200 clay tiles, designed by people of all ages and abilities. Judith Rosenberg, Founder and Director of Spark of Brilliance, spearheaded the project, which was finished in 2008. There is protective glass over the installation, so the true colours and beauty of the tiles is hard to capture with a single photo.

Not sure what this particular flower is, but it smells and looks beautiful!

These were the first irises of the season - a beautiful dark crimson that just glows in the sun.

The first of the lilacs has erupted into bloom! I found only one lilac bush on this trip, just followed my nose! Next weekend may be a trip to the Arboretum's lilac area.

I found this little fellow enjoying his lunch on a park bench. Park officials encourage people to not feed the birds and animals in the park. Waterfowl are particularly sensitive to processed foods. However, there are few signs advising patrons of this, so a common sight along these well-worn paths is shown below:

Canada Geese, seagulls, and the occasional squirrel fighting over bits of bread, tossed to them by kids and parents. I always get nervous, seeing kids playing around geese that are almost as tall as they are - especially at this time of the year, near breeding season. Ask anyone who has been on the wrong side of a goose or swan - they can be very nasty and dangerous.

The beloved Riverside Express train sits, waiting to delight young and old alike. The train and carousel are scheduled to open on May 21, according to the city website. Visit the Guelph website for detailed hours of operation information.

The Riverside Park Carousel was purchased in 1970, and has gone through several renovation projects over the years. Over the past winter, the carousel was dismantled, and fully refurbished. Workers are currently re-assembling everything, in readiness for the grand re-opening later this month.

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