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Photo Essay of 10 Kingsmill Avenue Fire - October 20, 2012

Web posted on October 20, 2012

Sometime between 9:00pm and 10:00pm overnight an industrial building behind the York Road Business Complex and ABS Brakes caught fire. The smoke could be seen from the top of the Victoria Road hill by Grange Road.
The building fully engulfed in flames around 10:30pm

Initially three fire pumps attended the blaze. The Guelph Police were providing blockades to through traffic at the Victoria Road and York Road intersection. Kingsmill Avenue was completely shut down to allow the fire crews to work unhindered.

By 10:30pm the flames could be seen shooting out from the roof of the building. Around approximately the same time several more fire pumps arrived to help. Shortly after, the aerial was seen in the York Road business Complex parking lot dousing the building.

There was heavy toxic fumes and a propane tank located near the building created concern that nearby residents may have to be evacuated. As of 11:50 pm the building is still fully engulfed in flames and the roof has collapsed. At this time residents have not been evacuated. 12:33 - Flames are still visible. A sixth fire truck and the command post have arrived. The building is reported to manufacture wood skids.

2:25 am : Fire fighters are still trying to bring the fire under control. Arson is suspected as to the cause of the fire. The aerial pumps pouring water on roof.
Taken form the York Road Business Complex parking lot

Sunday 9:15 am Guelph Fire Department is still pumping water on the building.
12 hours later firefighters can be seen still pumping water

A close up of the smoke that can still be seen from the roof at 9:20am Sunday morning

A view of both aerials pumping water at the roof

Two front views of the damaged building. The damage to the roof is visible.

Sunday Morning 11:20am: The fire is down to scattered smouldering embers. Two or three fire trucks are still on site and the building remains on fire watch.
Truck 7 still at scene pumping water into building
The building has been identified as the Superior Steel Fabricators building on 10 Kingsmill Avenue. The fire burned for over 12 hours with five fire trucks actively fighting the blaze. Local residents reported heavy smoke damage.

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