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Motorist Concerned With More Than Just Speeding Habits

Web posted on July 10, 2013

Dear Editor,

A headline click on the 'Google News' web page took me to your news article entitled ' OPP Radar Catches Speeder on Highway 6 - July 08, 2013 '.

The OPP are doing some chest-thumping again, something they are be getting good at. Well, appearance is everything nowadays, even for police services. But here is what worries me:

While the OPP continue to provide press release traffic enforcement updates about street 'racers' and DUI violations, theses offenders are certainly in the minority, and don't cause nearly as many accidents as the thousands of other Ontario drivers who continually run stop signs, don't signal, talk on cell phones while in motion - I could ramble on, and so could the police.

But here is an example of my favorite pet peeve - last evening, returning home from Kingston on highway 7, I once again had a vehicle following less than 2 car lengths behind mine, this time a minivan, at about 90 kilometers per hour. There were deer eating in the ditches and anyone who lives in the country will tell you that deer can suddenly run onto the road without warning and then just stand still, leaving the oncoming traffic to conduct avoidance maneuvers. This likely puts Madame Minivan into the vicinity of my back seat, since I would have to 'lock up' my brakes - and my car does have powerful brakes.

What puzzles me is why these people will not pass, which leads me to believe that they are not skilled enough as drivers to have any confidence to do so. My point is that if you have not the ability to pass, then you certainly are not qualified to tailgate.

Here is what I think would be more useful than generating sensational media releases: I would like to see the day arrive when the police can require poor drivers to attend a driving course where they can practice doing things such as skidding, braking, sudden lane changes - similar to a performance motorcycle driving course. This would help nervous drivers such as my minivan acquaintance gain some confidence and knowledge, something she obviously requires.

Who knows? - insurance premiums might fall - but don't hold your breath!

K.L. Lytle
Dunrobin, ON

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