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Guelph's PC Candidate Comments on Education Deals

Web posted on September 16, 2013

Dear Editor

Liz Sandal's absurd response to questions about the cost of buying peace with education unions is both condescending and shocking.

After news came out that the Liberal government's deals with teachers unions cost taxpayers an additional $500-million, Guelph's MPP and Education Minister couldn't be reached for comment. When finally forced to respond, she continued to brashly claim the government has saved $1.8 billion even though she can't provide a breakdown on how this is possible. Either she is sticking to the same pattern of denial we've seen the Liberals use on the true costs of their gas plant scandal, or savings are being diverted from paying down the massive Liberal debt facing current and future Ontario taxpayers to funding union contract enhancements.

Either way, the Liberal government has once again failed taxpayers and families.

Best Regards,
Anthony MacDonald
Ontario PC candidate, Guelph

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