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Guelph 2014 Municipal Election Candidates

Web posted on January 08, 2014

Guelph 2014 Municipal Election Candidates List.
(as of September 13, 2014)
Municipal Election Day is Monday October 27, 2014.
Office of the Mayor
Blokhuis, Jason
Donovan, Andrew
Farbridge, Karen (Incumbent)
Guthrie, Cam
Legere, John
Pezzano, Maria
Ross, Nicholas A.
St. Denis, Joseph
Ward 1 (Two to be elected)
Bell, Bob
Gibson, Dan
O'Connor, Terry
Pickett, Karolyne
Ward 2(Two to be elected)
Collier, Martin
Ferraro, Ray
Gordon, James
Matwey, Sian
Paralovos, Mark
Van Hellemond, Andy
Ward 3(Two to be elected)
Allt, Phil
Chamberlain, Craig
Dodge, Jason
Hofland, June
Laidlaw, Maggie
Moore, Bob
Ward 4(Two to be elected)
Billings, Christine
Briestensky, Mark
Busuttil, Linda
Dunn-Dufaul, Rob
Garbutt, Laurie
Roffey, Greg
Salisbury, Mike
Schirk, Greg
Tracey, Scott
Walton, Gary
Ward 5 (Two to be elected)
Burcher, Lise (Incumbent)
Butler, Scott R.
Downer, Cathy
Galatianos, Dimitrios Jim
Green, Alex
Piper, Leanne (Incumbent)
Routledge, Robert
Senechal, Bob
Ward 6(Two to be elected)
Dennis, Todd J.
MacKinnon, Mark
Poore, Keith
Tolhurst, Glen
Wettstein, Karl