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Liberals Wynne Majority Government in 2014 Election

Web posted on June 12, 2014

11:17pm - The majority of the polling results are in and it is official the Liberal party has a majority government with at least58 seats. With a lose of over 10 seats from 2011 election seats, Tim Hudak has stated he will be resigning as Ontario PC Party leader. So far, the unofficial results show the NDP having lost one seat and the Green party without an elected representative.


With all but three polls officially closed, the early results polls so far indicate that Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne will lead her party a majority government in Ontario.

Officially polling stations closed at 9:00pm, except for six polling stations that experienced delays and will be open an hour longer for voters.

With an update at 9:46pm, Wynne has 20 confirm seats, the PC's have 14 firm seats, the NDP are at 13 firm seats while the Green Party do not have a confirmed seat.

In Guelph, 53 poll results are in and it looks like Liz Sandals will be voted back in, with Anthony MacDonald, the PC candidate, taking a solid second place. Currently the NDP and the Green are neck in neck with 18% of voter support.

At 10:17pm most ridings have close to or over half of the polling station results, and the Liberals has 58 seats. Only 54 seats are required for a majority. It looks like the official opposition party will be PC with 28 confirmed seats and currently the NDP coming in third with 22 seats.

While not winning a seat yet, the The Green Party has put on a strong campaign and will preform about the same as 2011's provincial election.