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Letter Writer in Agreement With Royal Hamel's Column

Web posted on July 19, 2016

Dear Editor,

Although the recent decision by the assembly of Anglican leaders should wake up church groups, it is certainly not the first departure from biblical teaching.

Leadership in the church of Christ is supportive and not supervisory. In Matt. 20:25 Jesus clearly (yes very clearly) teaches that leadership among His followers is very different from that of secular society. Every preacher that I've encountered seems to be playing "keep away" with the scriptures; making such understanding only possible with the training that's exclusive to pastors. In John 10 Jesus describes such behaviour as being that of "thieves and robbers".

Romans 10 teaches that the Word is near. Believers don't need someone to get it for them and they are capable of determining from the Word of God whether or not the messenger is legitimate.

The people sitting in the pews should understand that Jesus saved them and not the person on the pulpit. Having a personal relationship with Jesus means going directly to His teachings, The Bible, and not accepting counterfeits. Those who make us feel disqualified from accessing His teachings are inhibiting rather than helping the relationship with our Saviour.

I wonder how many church attendees understand that being at peace with the creator of this world and with our neighbour is completely impossible to do on our own.

Such peace can only happen out of gratitude for what Jesus did on our behalf. Understanding the depth of what Jesus did involves reading the Bible with our own understanding. Real church leaders help people read the Bible on their own the way a math teacher teaches students to solve math problems. Fake church leaders keep people drifting back and forth with every wind of doctrine.

Yes, the decision is no surprise. Same sex marriage is a definite affront to the creator of this world (Romans 1). However, it is only the latest expression of disregard demonstrated by those who claim to be gathering in the name of the Lord but are really heaping up pretentious praise without knowledge. The Anglican Church is certainly not alone in this regard.

Lawrence Vandervliet
Erin On.

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