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Guelph MP, Lloyd Longfield Open Letter

Web posted on February 06, 2017

Dear Constituents,

Electoral Reform is a very important issue to me, and one of the main reasons I ran to be Guelph's MP. After months of town halls, travelling committees, consultations and online surveys I was encouraged that we would have a system of electoral reform to debate in the House of Commons. In Guelph I held a town hall, distributed 5000 flyers, and met with community groups, some several times. A week ago I was presented a survey that had been conducted by a group in Guelph that had garnered 1500 responses to four questions on systems of voting. I will be presenting this survey and a petition to the House of Commons as soon as possible. Recently I also asked this group to present their preferred option of voting to me in a report that I can present to the Minister of Electoral Reform. I still plan to do this.

Moving forward, I will work within the Liberal Party to continue to present what I am hearing from Guelph. We are continuing to discuss the Canada Elections Act and hope to make meaningful changes that will improve access to voting, and promote greater voter participation. I will continue to connect with Guelph on this, as I think the democratic process is fundamental to us providing stable government.

It has been made clear through the Minister's Mandate Letter that our system of voting will not be changing by 2019, but we will continue to pursue changes to the Elections Act to improve our existing democratic system.

Lloyd Longfield