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Local COncerned About Electronic Waste Recycling

Web posted on March 24, 2017

Dear Mayor Guthrie,

I am a university student concerned with the development of electronic waste recycling with regards to Guelph's Solid Waste Management Master Plan. I fully support the city's initiative to establish a free drop-off for electronic waste, however, I believe it would also be beneficial to partner with companies who can make a greater impact in our community with reusable electronics. The current Solid Waste Management Master Plan does not explain what happens to the electronic waste after it has been dropped off to the Waste Resource Innovation Centre.

In my lifetime of discmans, e-readers, iPods, tablets and laptops, I found myself continuously replacing my devices for newer, more efficient models. Majority of our old devices are not broken, just simply out of date and are put into a draw to be forgotten. I believe it is not only important to properly recycle electronic waste, it is also important to reuse them in any way we can.

Your party has committed to make Guelph respectable in terms of waste diversion and reduction. Please consider these following recommendations to the Solid Waste Management Master Plan, which includes:

  • Partnering with Production Works Co-op whom provides employment training programs for those with intellectual disabilities
  • Working with Habitat for Humanity to reuse electronic waste for families in need
  • Donating used cellphones to the Wyndham House for homeless youth to use as an emergency aid

You attended an environmental lecture at the University of Guelph where you openly discussed your plans for the city and quite often referenced to the power of action. You explained that your plans for the City would not be properly displayed, if you can not physically see the progress that has been made.

Thank you for your commitment to provide a free drop-off for electronic waste, and for your leadership in waste minimization.

Will you now consider furthering the recycling process by working with local companies to give back to our community?

What are your specific actions that will be taken to reach this goal?

I look forward to your response to these questions.

Shenelle Satar