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Significant property tax hike possible

Web posted on November 08, 2019

Guelph ratepayers could face a significant increase in property taxes for 2020. City Council is facing a 4.5 per cent proposed increase as it begins deliberations on next year's budget. The final budget is expected to be approved Dec. 3.

Budget deliberations continue Nov. 18 when the city's operating budget is reviewed. Staff proposed a tax levy of 3.88 per cent for a total proposed operating budget of $256,886,524. Budget items related to local shared services and levies will be discussed Nov. 20.

Not included in the proposed operating budget are costs associated with acquiring new city buses and a request from Guelph General Hospital for expansion upgrades. No decision has been madeby council to fund either proposal.

Sewer and water lvies are also expected to increase. Guelph Police seek an additional $4.1 million.