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New Year 2020 -- A Year of Hindsight

Web posted on December 20, 2019

Hindsight, they say, is 20/20.  That's also the number of the coming New Year.  It's a number that won't come around again, not ever.  So let's not waste it.  Instead of resolutions that won't survive the end of January, let's make 2020 our Year of Hindsight.  

What would a Year of Hindsight look like?  Well, let's sit down with pen(cil) and paper or your electronic notepad and make a list.  

First we'll identify three people who have blest us over the years gone by, and think of some way we can show them that we think they're special.  Next, we'll identify three people whom we have hurt, neglected, or just not treated very nicely, and think of some way we can show them we're sorry or improve the relationship.  Then, we'll identify three blessings we have enjoyed over the years, and think of some way we can "pay them forward".  And finally, we'll identify three tasks we should have neglected, or should have done better, and figure out how to make them right.  Then we'll take our dozen items and assign each to an appropriate month:  you likely won't take your teenager snowboarding in July or observe a January birthday in September. 

Of course, you can let your imagination make as many variations on this as it will. And if your resources limit you to one event every couple of months, it will still be a Year of Hindsight well spent. For people of faith, be sure to include in your prayers those whom each Hindsight event may affect. 

May your Christmas be joyous and be filled with love. May your New Year be blessed.