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Great Promise in Israeli Cancer Treatments

Web posted on January 05, 2020

Israeli researchers are on a roll. They have created two significant methods ofattacking cancer.

They have created two exciting new ways to remove breast cancer lumps or to shrink the size of lumps and tumors.

In fact, one method developed by Icecure Medical now under study in the United States may actually provide a way to "cut cancer off at the pass". (Sorry, I couldn't resist using the old western film clich!),

This is an important move forward in cancer research because by 2030 there are estimate to be 30 million Americans with cancer. I wasn't able to locate comparable numbers for Canada.

However, a report in 2015 stated by 2030 the diagnosed number of cancer patients will rise by 40 per cent to about 277,000 a year. Prostate cancer will be the most prevalent.

Icecure is a freeze-kill application that can take as little as 10 minutes, depending on the size of the lump, and be completed in a doctor's office under a local anesthetic. Even the smallest of cancers can be treated.

While the initial testing, both in Israel and the United States, have been very successful for breast cancer, researchers report the process can also be used to kill and remove tumors in other organs: kidney, liver, stomach, lungs and other areas of the body.

The process is explained in a three-minute video link I will place below.

The freeze-kill method appears to be simplicity itself, although researchers might question that conclusion. A needle is inserted into the lump or tumor and liquid nitrogen is inserted into the cancer. The key to success is that nitrogen freezes the cancer at a temperature of -273 degrees (researchers don't specify whether it is Fahrenheit or Celsius). It doesn't affect surrounding normal cells.

Once killed, the body's immune system flushes the dead cancer cells as normal body waste.

The success rate for the procedure, which does need use of an ultrasound is high but no details are revealed. More than 200 women in the U.S. have undergone initial testing with success and the method is being approved by various peer reviews.

Since the procedure involves no surgery, there is no scarring.

Larger tumors, those that require a CAT scan, must be done under clinical conditions in hospitals or private clinics.

The real bonus for patients is that in nearly all cases, the patient can resume a normal lifestyle within an hour or two with only a few patients involved in large tumor removal being held overnight for observation.

A second method of attacking cancer is a new radiation method that claims a 100 per cent shrinkage on patients with 78 per cent removing all cancer cells.

Israeli firm Alpha Tau Medical developed this second method for tumors without harming healthy tissue. The treatment is called Alpha DaRT (Diffusing Alpha-emitters Radiation Treatment), according toThe Jerusalem Post.

Alpha Tau claims this is a tolerable treatment for patients compared to most present cancer treatments in use world-wide.

The technology uses the radioactive decay of an isotope called radium-224 to spread alpha particles across entire tumors. This makesit a powerful cancer-killing agent with minimum side effects.

The technology was invented by Tel Aviv University professors Itzhak Kelson and Yona Keisari who founded Alpha Tau in 2016. It's grown from fewer than 10 employees in 2016 to now more than 40.

Trials are underway in Israel, Canada, Japan, Russia, Italy and in the United States.

Newspapers generally give pause when offered medical break-throughs or medical cure stories, so I hesitate to use either term. However, these two procedures appear to be a new cutting-edge in cancer research that could lead to a reduction in needless cancer deaths.

Check out Icecure Medical's video:

Check out Icecure Medical's latest approval:

Check out Alpha Tau Medical's video:

That's it. Until next time.

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