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Web posted on January 08, 2020

COUNTY OF WELLINGTON, ON) - Wellington County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are actively responding to many motor vehicle collisions on this snowy, January day. This response to winter driving conditions should remind us that snow covered roads can limit driver's abilities. So with this, Wellington County OPP would like to offer drivers these helpful winter driving tips.

1.   Don't Despair, Repair: make sure your vehicle is in good operating condition and has the equipment you might need such as snow tires, emergency kit, snow brush, windshield wiper fluid etc.

2.   Clear to Steer: Before you get out on the road, clear the snow and ice from your windows and lights, both front and rear. Not only can ice and snow limit your visibility it can also be hazards as it leaves your vehicle at highway speeds.

3.   Fear the Rear; 'AUTO' (automatic) settings for your lights may not activate your tail lights. Know how your lighting system work so you can be seen.

4.   Doddle the Throttle: Driving in a rush could mean the difference between a late-arrival and an early-death.

5.   Don't Rox the Intox': Nothing new but we'll say it again, intoxicated driving kills!

6.   Distractions Lessen Reactions: Focus on driving and avoid distractions.

7.   Read the Lead: Breaking earlier and using extra lead time and distance between you and the vehicle in front can help you avoid rear-ending someone.

8.   Don't Burn Your Turn: Slower speeds through curves can help your vehicle maintain good tire contact with the road.

9.   Remove the Boot: when approaching intersection, where you have the right away, take your foot off the throttle and coast through. Give your self-time to watch for traffic that isn't stopping and react.

10. Back-in, Drive-off: Backing into parking spaces will allow you a better view of pedestrians, pets and other vehicles when you do go to leave. 

11. Address your Egress: If you are involved in a collision, your vehicle can be a safe place from hazards. Decide if it's safer to exit your vehicle to a safe place or remain in your vehicle till help arrives.

12. Know to Not Go: Don't wait for municipalities or police to close a road or tell you about poor driving conditions. If you think the driving conditions are poor, they probably are.

Wellington County OPP would like to thank all those drivers who've made a conscious effort to be safe and responsible on our roadways.