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Back from the mists of a hack

Web posted on February 11, 2020

Deepest apologies to our readers for the lack of variety in news coverage during the past three weeks.

Seems someone hacked my computer through a Facebook connection and trashed my computer resulting in a slow, deliberate rebuild with some parts delayed by distributors.

It seems we are now up and running well with virtually a new computer that should be more capable to provide the services we're are in the midst of improving.

What follows are a few items touching on some of the past columns I've written.


First, a note from my Lions Club, Guelph Royal City Lions.

We will be holding a free Family Day (Feb. 17 next Monday) pancake breakfast at Trinity United Church, 400 Stevenson St. N., near the corner of Speedvale Avenue and Stevenson Street.

Future Dog Guides will attend from the Lions breeding facility in Breslau. A display will also be provided by the Diabetes Foundation.

Menu includes, juice, coffee, tea, pancakes and sausage. 9 a.m. to Noon.


As a follow up to my recent column about scam robocalls, I received a note from a reader who suggested another method of shutting down the scammers.

The gentleman suggested answering with: "Hi, you're on the air. It's an open mike day."

Inevitably, the call ends abruptly.


There was some reaction to my column on the potential for health problems linked to the use of hand blow dryers in washrooms especially restaurants.

I've spoken to a few health care professionals who acknowledge the problem but have little control over the installation of the devices by private businesses.

The word is spreading, however, and it's possible the issue can gain traction and the attention of public health officials and politicians.

One person suggested the alternative may not be to use paper towels which many see as a detriment to replacing the dryers. This woman suggested a return to the "old technology" of continuous roll cloth towels that were in general use many years ago.

For those unfamiliar with the technology, it is a simple continuous roll of towel that one uses to wipe their hands. You pull the towel down to reveal a clean are and simply dry your hands.


One person who read my column on Israeli cancer treatments told me they view the new developments for freezing tumors and more accurate radiation treat as a significant advance in fighting cancer.

The radiation treatment could be used for cancer tumors that can't be treated by freezing.

"There's a real possibility of saving untold lives," he said, noting he is a cancer survivor.


Finally, April, Organ and Tissue Donation Month, is fast approaching. I'd like to remind everyone that registering as a donor will be uppermost on the agenda for the month.

There are an average of 1,500 Ontarions on the transplant list at any given time. Nearly three-quarters need a kidney. One person on the transplant list dies every three days without the opportunity to regain a normal life. 

If you haven't considered registering, it is very simple. Takes about two minutes online. There is no age limit for donations. Anyone 16 or older with a valid health card can register.

Go to to register.


That's it. Until next time.