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Amtrak engine derails at Yorkshire

Web posted on February 12, 2001

Derailment of a VIA/Amtrak train enroute to Chicago from Toronto tied up traffic on Yorkshire Street Monday morning.

The front wheels of the engine apparently slipped off the track just as the train was crossing Yorkshire. The first passenger car was sitting directly across the roadway, completely blocking automobile traffic. The street was reopened around 2pm.

Officials on the scene declined to comment, appearing very reluctant to speak with media representatives. A person who was identified as the General Manager directed photographers to leave an area in front of the train.

While the engine is still upright, it seems likely that getting it back on the rails will not be a simple task and police report that equipment will be brought in to put the train back on the tracks.

At 10:30 a.m. passengers were still on the train. There are no reports of injury as a result of the derailment.

Local residents at the scene said the train was moving very slowly as it passed through the area, possibly as slowly as five miles per hour. No damage to the train or injuries to the passengers has been reported.

The Chicago, Toronto route is jointly operated by VIA and Amtrak, with VIA train crews operating the Canadian portion of the route.
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