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Firearm Safety reminder from the O.P.P.

Web posted on October 10, 2005

The Wellington County O.P.P. wish to remind people on Firearm Safety.

Wellington County has seen a series of break and enters, which involved the theft of firearms. In several incidents, the firearms have not been properly stored as required by law. Not having firearms securely stored, facilitates their theft.

Firearms owners are required to safely store their weapons as set out under the Firearms Act:

A general guideline for storage in relation to rifles and shotguns is as follows.

Firearms must be unloaded. They must be rendered inoperable by means of a secure locking device or by the removal of the bolt or bolt carrier, or they must be stored in a container, receptacle or room that is kept securely locked and that is constructed so that it cannot readily be broken open or into; and are not readily accessible to ammunition.

For specific storage guidelines in relation to Non-Restricted, and Restricted firearms, please refer to the Firearms Act.

Unsafe Storage of Firearms is an offence contrary to section 86 (1) of the Criminal Code of Canada.

In response to community safety concerns and for the safety of police officers throughout the Province of Ontario, the County of Wellington O.P.P. will continue to strictly enforce firearms regulations.

Please ensure that you are complying with the Firearms Regulations.