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Tom King acclaimed as federal NDP candidate

Web posted on March 30, 2007

The nomination meeting of the Guelph riding of the New Democratic Party last Friday evening was the crowning of the king - Tom King, that is.

King speaks to supporters following the meeting.

King, a well known scholar and writer and member of the Order of Canada, was acclaimed as the NDP candidate at Friday's meeting. Born in Sacramento, California in 1943 of Greek, German and Cherokee heritage, King has lived in Guelph since 1995 and teaches English and Theatre Studies at the University of Guelph.

King said he decided to seek the NDP nomination because, trite as it may sound, he wants to pass a decent world on to his children and grandchildren. "I prefer to pass it on with pride and not apologies," he told The Fountain Pen. "This will not be comfortable, but it's time to step forward," he added.

King's acceptance speech was vintage NDP, tackling topics of sustainability, a higher minimum wage, better public transit and proportional representation.

On public transit, he suggested taking the two left lanes of the 401 and dedicating them to some form of rapid transit. "Then the people in their cars can watch as we go past - all the way from Windsor to Montreal."

King suggested that dreams such as this could be paid for with "just a slight shift of priorities from the headlong pursuit of profits".

NDP leader Jack Layton attended the meeting after spending the afternoon meeting and greeting Guelph residents in the downtown core.

NDP leader Jack Layton with a supporter.

While an election has not yet been called, all political parties are gearing up for a possible contest as early as this spring. Brent Barr has been nominated for the Conservatives and Mike Nagy for the Green party. Of the major parties, only the Liberals have yet to hold a nomination meeting. It is scheduled for April 12, 2007.