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Sunday, April 05, 2020   15:49:07 EDT
ADV: Parr Auctions - Just north of Fergus


Bill Gates --  A Prophet?
Two years ago, Gates spoke with President Donald Trump and urged him to engage in greater preparedness for any coming pandemic. He was ignored.
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Radioactive concerns abound near Teeswater
The Ontario crisis associated with the protest of the B.C. gas pipeline appears to be ending. But another Ontario crisis appears to be peeking over the horizon in, of all places, Bruce County.
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NHL victory offers insight into organ donor awareness
David Ayres' NHL win for the Carolina Hurricanes shows how productive a person seeking a transplant can be once they receive an organ.
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Licence plates - A Boondoogle by Ford Government?
Controversy surounds new licence plates.
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Back from the mists of a hack
Deepest apologies to our readers for the lack of variety in news coverage during the past three weeks.
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