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Thursday, August 05, 2021   15:54:38 EDT


Stamped, letters to the Fountain Pen
Local COncerned About Electronic Waste Recycling
An open letter to Mayor Guthrie from a University of Guelph student and resident of Guelph concerning electronic waste recycling
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Guelph MP, Lloyd Longfield Open Letter
Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield has released an open letter concerning election reform
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Letter Writer in Agreement With Royal Hamel's Column
A reader comments on Royal Hamel's latest Light For The Journey column - Canadian Anglican Church Suffers Shipwreck
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Many Reasons For Attawapiskat Economic Problems
From one letter writer's experience, there are many reasons for the problems experienced at Attawapiskat
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Charities Should Hold Public Board/Membership Meetings
Why is it that charities which receive taxpayer funds do not need to hold public board meetings and open membership meetings?
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Crime Stoppers Open Letter To Residents
An open letter to the resident of Guelph Wellington Township from Crime Stoppers
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