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Thursday, August 05, 2021   16:22:11 EDT

Product Recalls

Fujitsu Lifebook notebook computer recalled
Notebook recalled for fire haxard.

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Choking hazard recall of beads toy
Janod Looping Bead Maze recalled due to choking hazard.

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Farm Boy White Bean & Smoked Chorizo Soup recalled
The recall is made because of undeclared clam present in the product.

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Cannabis gelcaps recalled for wrong product listing
Cannabis product does not contain CBD as listed but THC. No reaction or illness reports submitted.

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Certain Coaticook brand Cheddar cheese recalled
Canadian Food Inspection Agency ordered recall over listeria concerns

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Two food recalls: Goat's Milk Cheese and Sunflower Chopped Salad
Cheese recalled for pieces of plastic found in product; and Chopped Kit recalled for E coli. Sixteen people taken ill.

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Children's pink velvet jacket
Strangulation hazard.

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Smart Cake brand products recalled for metal shavings
Canadian Food Inspection Agency recalled Smart Cake brand because of metal shavings.

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President's Choice Coleslaw recalled for salmonella
Canadian Food Inspection Agency recalls President's Choice coleslaw mix because of slamonella contamination.

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